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Office 2010/2013 admin install with Office Customization Tool

Copy Office 2010/2013 ISO contents to new folder and share
Replace contents of admin subfolder with the latest service pack version downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35554
Run setup.exe /admin

Setup | Install Location
Add organization name

Setup | Licensing and UI
Enter in VLK MAK product key, accept license agreement
Display level: none
Supress modal

Setup | Modify Setup Properties
Value: Never
Value: 1

Features | Modify user settings
Outlook | Account Settings | RSS Feeds
Synchronize Outlook RSS: disabled

Word | Word Options | General
Open email attachments in reading view: disabled

Office | Privacy | Trust Center
Disable opt-in wizard on first run: enabled
Enable customer experience improvement program: disabled

Additional Content | Configure shortcuts
Add desktop shortcuts to Excel, Outlook, and Word
If you receive an error about an invalid start in folder, place a single open bracket into the start in field ( [ )

Save customization changes to 1+name.msp and place in the “updates” folder, i.e. Office2013\updates\1clientname.msp
The 1 in front guarantees that the MSP file customizations take place during the install and before the service pack files present in the folder