Updating Docker Containers on Synology

Stop the running container.


Search for and download the latest image from the Registry

A notification will appear when it’s done downloading

Clear the container by going to Action > Clear, and click “Yes” to proceed.


Restart the container and check the app to verify it’s running the latest build.

3 thoughts on “Updating Docker Containers on Synology

  1. I have Radarr Container running. Action > Clear, and click “Yes” does not clear anything. I don’t understand why it is not clearing. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Arthur, the UI doesn’t give any indication that the container was cleared, but once done, it’ll allow you to restart the container with the latest downloaded image.


      1. Oh, I did not know that. I’m currently testing Radarr v3 using “linuxserver / radarr:preview” Image. Waiting for a new build to test it out. Hopefully in a day or two. Thank you.


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